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Hokage Tsunade * In the last Naruto episode we saw Tsunade being in disarray for loosing a loved on. Raikage attacked another village to steal a scroll and suffered many injuries. Raikage Ay seeks out Tsunade medical ninja for help. We also learn why Tsunade bets on Naruto. The title of next Naruto Shippuden 287 is "One Worth betting on". Download Naruto Shippuden 287 in HD today! Check us in Naruto Forum.

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naruto shippuden 287 karaiCedar Village have hired Mercenary Nokizaru shinobi troops to kill those responsible for theft of Hidden Jutsu of the Cedar Village. Raikage, Nogai and Karai were caught by surprise in the forest. Nigai making his stance got quickly implanted with explosive bug of sorts and exploded in mid air. Karai wanted to use his jutsu but quickly realized that it could have him explode as well so he suppressed his jutsu. Now this bug inside Karai is absorbing his chakra and getting stronger.

Lord Raikage is seemingly fine but Tsunade surmises that Raikage has also been affected. His jutsu was much more powerful than of Nagai and Karai, hence it is still in larvae stage, way too small and harmless. Tsunade will not be able to operate on him until this bug grows to a size visible by human eye. Shizune will operate on Karai first. Tsunade is concerned that Raikage's bug can grow too quickly and explode so she makes him promise that he would cooperate.
In the meantime, just outside an abandoned building, troops gather and ponder as to why inhaled bugs don't explode. Their mission is to get the stolen scroll back. The troop's leader suggested to negotiate removing the bugs in exchange for the scroll.
naruto shippuden 287 tsunade stressedThe surgery started as planned with anesthetics followed by Amai's hemostatic jutsu. The bug enlarged for a second causing Shizune's scalpel to jump and cut Karai in the process. Raikage did not like the fact that his chosen medical ninja is not performing the surgery. Tsunade was stressed and shaken and Raikage recognized signs of Hemophobia (fear of blood). Shizune explained that Tsunade had two great loves in her life; Nawaki, her younger brother and Dan, Shizune's uncle. When Dan died of bleeding out. Tsunade's hands were covered in blood as she tried to stop the bleeding. Since then Tsunade has been traumatized.
naruto shippuden 287 exploding bugRaikage admitted that he would not have untrusted his and Karai's lives to a mediacal ninja that had lost it. At this point Shizune threw newly extracted exploding bug and threw it on the floor, just under Raikage's feet. Surgery was a success.
Scene rolls over to the present. Tsunade explains that it was Naruto's passion that made her bet on him. Naruto wants to be a Hokage. It is his dream and Tsunade will support him to the end.
naruto shippuden 288In past Naruto episode we saw Kakashi winning a fight with Helmet Splitter and keeping a Executioner's blade of Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist as a spoil of the war. Kakashi will fight another reanimated shinobi, Jinpachi and Kushimaru. Jinpachi is a master of Silent Killing technique as well as explosive swordsmanship of Shibuki. Kushimaru's sword called Nuibari is also legendary. Both Seven Ninja Swordsmen are formidable opponents and Kakashi will face them alone. Naruto Shippuden 288 is entitled: "Danger: Jinpachi and Kushimaru!"


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